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Internally cooled turbine wheel

By 4Manufacturing(R) 12/02/2021

In collaboration with the University of Bath, HiETA Technologies have designed, manufactured and physically tested a light weight and internally cooled Radial turbine wheel exploiting the design freedoms of Additive Manufacturing (AM).

The objective was to prove that operation in turbine inlet temperatures of 1200°C was possible by an AM internally cooled Radial turbine wheel.

By increasing the turbine inlet temperatures to 1200°C, the thermal efficiency of the turbine stage is drastically increased, and thus the overall efficiency of the engine system can be increased. Actively cooling the turbine wheel increased the component life, and by light-weighting the wheel, the inertia is reduced, and so spool up times are quicker, as well as reducing wear on bearings. 

Read the full case study here. Thank you to Hieta technologies for sharing their case study.

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